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Customer Testimonials

We work very hard for our customers because nothing pleases us more than helping our clients achieve the dream of affordable home ownership. We want to add you to our list of very satisfied customers.

Read what others have said about working with us:


David was great to work with! He always answered any questions I had very quickly and kept me informed through every step of the process. I never felt confused or surprised about any required document requests, and the entire experience was extremely smooth. I have worked with David in the past on home purchases and refinancing, and look forward to working with him again in the future.

- Nick P
Las Vegas, NV | May 29, 2020

David and Team did awesome job closing our new house within 3weeks . Good Team work and friendly David .

- Shahanaz Shaik
Henderson , NV | December 21, 2020


- Taryn Copeman
Henderson, NV | December 21, 2020

Being first-time home buyers, my wife and I often had many questions. David and his staff were always quick to get back to us and always helpful, patient, and informative when working through the entire process with and for us. Couldn't have been more pleased with our entire experience working with David and his lending team at Supreme Lending.

- Douglas Crawford
Las Vegas , NV | December 21, 2020

Supreme Lending has been awesome in my loan process. They took away the stress from the beginning to the end. When you’re buying a house- being overwhelmed can set in. David and his team has been very knowledgeable and super helpful whenever I had questions with my loan or what I needed to do. I was pretty impressed how everything went smoothly. Everyone had a part and they did it well!

- Ada Arce
Henderson , NV | December 21, 2020


- Kyle Connor
Las Vegas, NV | December 21, 2020

David Ross and his team at Supreme Lending made my loan experience great! Everything was handled thoroughly and with professionalism. Throughout the process, I had 100% open communication from their team which was reassuring. I would recommend them to everyone!

- Ambaar McElroy
Las Vegas, NV | November 03, 2020

Dave and Rhonda make the entire loan experience smooth and hassle free! From the preapproval to closing our home loan in 3 weeks (unheard of in 2020) they kept us informed and walked us through every step of the way. I am recommending David Ross to all of my friends and family looking to buy or refinance! Thanks Dave and Rhonda!

- Kaitlyn Twitchell
Las Vegas , NV | November 04, 2020

I was recommended to David Ross by a friend for refinancing. Once you get all of the needed paperwork to him, David and his team take care of all the rest. And if you have any questions, no matter the time, David was always there to answer them. I was extremely impressed with how fast they finished this usual lengthy process!

- Mario Stratta
Las Vegas, AK | November 19, 2020

In the rough seas of choosing a mortgage lender, David was a lifesaver. He simply offered the lowest rate with the highest level of professionalism. With David, you are not just another number. A++++

- Wesley Schnell
Houston, TX | November 03, 2020

I just completed my 4th transaction (3 mortgages and now a refinance) with David Ross and team. I shopped the refi around pretty extensively to make sure and fully capitalize on 2020's incredibly low rates. Not only were Dave's rates within 0.05% of the lowest rates I could find online, his fees were lower -- making it a no brainier to go with him again. And, as always, he made the transaction quick, easy, and painless.

- Nathan Casper
Las Vegas, NV | October 15, 2020

2 months ago The David Ross Team with Supreme Lending is the most experienced and intelligent group of loan officers in the Las Vegas market. Dave Ross knows the ins and outs of the business and always finds a way to get me the rate and terms for my loan. The other very rare and unique value Dave Ross brings is he always closes my loans on time. I own a real estate company and work with lenders every day and less than 15% of lenders actually close the loan when they say they will. I can’t say enough about the value of this mortgage company and if you are a perfectionist like myself and want to work with only the best call Dave Ross for your purchase or refinance!

- James Brooks
Las Vegas , NV | October 24, 2020

The team was very professional and friendly!

- Eula Moore
Las Vegas, NV | December 21, 2020

David gave outstanding service. He was clear, concise, and helped me understand the system to make the best decision with my circumstance.

- Araceli M
Las Vegas, NV | May 29, 2020

David makes everything possible to make clients happy! Thanks!

- MIke Levin
San Diego , CA | May 29, 2020

David and his team were amazing from start to finish! I highly recommend him and his services and will use him again in future.

- Stacie Irish
Henderson, NV | January 13, 2020

I worked with David Ross and team 3 yrs ago when I purchased my home and then again when it came time to refinance. Both experiences were great. During my refinance I shopped around and put David against 2 other big players in the mortgage industry, and David was able to put together a package to beat them both, and deliver the refinance faster. The team is great and I would refer David Ross to anyone who is looking for a straight shooter who explains the whole process in detail so that it makes sense.

- Ken Rolle
Las Vegas , NV | November 26, 2019

David was super helpful and extremely easy to work with through my first home purchase. He and his team worked diligently to make the whole experience feel very simple and were there to help me every step of the way. I hope to work with David again in the future, and would absolutely recommend him.

- Charles Lee
Las Vegas , NV | November 26, 2019

Call Dave, him and his team will find you the best loan at the best rates.

- David Saikaly
Las Vegas , NV | November 26, 2019

David and his team were super helpful and explained everything very thoroughly!

- Monica Pomykal
Henderson, NV | November 26, 2019

David was incredible! He helped us through a very tough refinance. My husband had started a new career and was making considerably less income than when we bought the house, making our debt-to-income ratio to qualify for refinancing extremely tight. David was diligent, patient, meticulous, and creatively resourceful in leveraging our assets and debts in our favor to make the impossible happen. We closed with a rate and payment far lower than what we initially expected, all due to his dedication and hard work. He saved us over $500/month on our payment. My husband and I have completed five mortgage transactions in the Las Vegas valley over the past decade, and David was by far the best lender we have worked with. I now consider him a friend and will never work with, nor recommended, another lender. He is the BEST!

- Melissa Euell
Las Vegas , NV | November 26, 2019

This team was outstanding to work with! Trusting someone with a home-loan is a big commitment and given the fact that it was my first home, I was extra diligent in selecting the right lender. I looked at Quicken-loans and Bank of America and quite a few other lenders. The rates were competitive but the reviews were not. I spoke with a bunch of my friends that all said buying a house was the biggest “pain in the….” they had ever experienced. I heard nothing but nightmare stories about Quicken and for most people buying a house drew out into a 6-month process (some even fell out of escrow because of the lender). From day one working with David and his team, they treated me like a real person not just a piece of paper. When I originally started this journey, my credit wasn’t perfect, but they helped align me with a credit repair company and checked in often. They gave me tips for saving and helped me navigate my options. When I finally found a house, they were in frequent communication with same day turn around on every document. They explained everything well and assisted me in understanding all of the options available to me. I got through all the paperwork with them (very painlessly I might add) and now I can proudly say, I will be moving into my first home before Christmas. These guys genuinely care, and they are fun human beings to work with (which is hard to find in this industry); I feel like I made friends throughout this process. If you are looking for real people you can trust who care about your goals/dreams, trust these guys. I cannot thank them enough for making this dream come true.

- Samantha Goniea
Las Vegas, NV | November 26, 2019

I worked with David Ross and team 3 yrs ago when I purchased my home and then again when it came time to refinance. Both experiences were great. During my refinance I shopped around and put David against 2 other big players in the mortgage industry, and David was able to put together a package to beat them both, and deliver the refinance faster. The team is great and I would refer David Ross to anyone who is looking for a straight shooter who explains the whole process in detail so that it makes sense.

- Ken Rolle
Las Vegas, NV | October 10, 2019

David and his team were amazing to work with. They were all super responsive and did everything they could to get us the best rate possible. My husband and I would highly recommend.

- Brandy Clark
Las Vegas, NV | October 10, 2019

David was easy to get a hold of and always answered all my questions. He was personable and friendly at all times. It was an easy process, and he always kept me updated on the status of my loan.

- Tammy Muniz
Henderson, NV | September 13, 2019

David and his team were amazing to work with. They were all super responsive and did everything they could to get us the best rate possible. My husband and I would highly recommend.

- Brandi Clark
Las Vegas, NV | September 13, 2019

David Ross was amazing! I don't believe I would've been able to close as quickly as I did on my house if I had chosen someone else as my lender. He was in constant communication with me about any possible speed bumps and went above and beyond to get necessary documents when we were on a tight deadline with the bank. I closed in less than 3 weeks. I would recommend him (and have recommended him) to anyone looking for a speedy and reliable lender.

- Mandi
Las Vegas, NV | September 13, 2019

Dave Ross handled the financing for the purchase of my current home and he was excellent! He's hands down one of the most capable loan officers in the industry. I highly recommend him.

- Alysa Joyce
Henderson, NV | September 13, 2019

David Ross is just who you want to help you with the entire loan process. Always available, thorough, patient and super helpful.

- Oliver Marland
Las Vegas, NV | September 13, 2019

Dave did an amazing job. He was recommended to me by my realtor as I am from out of state. He made the process very easy for me and quickly and efficiently resolved any issues I had during the process. After closing, he has been kind enough to go by my home periodically to check on it until I actually can move in a couple of months! Highly recommend Dave!!!

- Amy McDowell
Las Vegas , NV | September 13, 2019

David has been such a pleasure to work with, he was very informative and prompt. My home purchase was seamless thanks to David. I will definitely recommend David to my friends and family. :)

- Veronika Kiamileva
Las Vegas , NV | September 13, 2019

Dave and his team are very knowledgeable and have exceptional customer service and communication skills. My wife and I remained informed through every step of the process and had regular update calls with Dave. He was very open and honest with us and laid out all of our options early on. I strongly recommend Dave and his team to anyone looking to purchase a home.

- Charles Cartwright
Las Vegas , NV | September 13, 2019

Working with David was great! He was so helpful and made the process so easy for me. I was stressed about so much and felt like a basket case but he was great!

- Onna Raleigh
Henderson, NV | June 15, 2019

Dave is great knowledgeable fast and efficient, I highly recommend him!!

- Omar Barney
Las Vegas , NV | June 15, 2019

David was amazing. He went above and beyond to make the process as easy as possible. In the end I felt like I didn’t even have to do much work on my end at all, other than provide a few documents he needed to finalize my paperwork. Great company with excellent customer service. I would strongly recommend using him for your future home finance needs.

- Matthew Schnichels
Las Vegas, NV | June 15, 2019

David was recommended to us by our realtor, and he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about everything involved in the purchase of our home. We are thankful for his expertise and his help in this whole process. Highly recommend him and the organization!

- Charity Marshall
Las Vegas , NV | June 11, 2019

David and team ha a formidable challenge and made it feel like an easy task for my wife and I. Everyone involved in my transaction lended a hand to make it happen! Very effective communications, outgoing personalities, and a proven track record. TY David and Team!

- Steve Richards
Las Vegas, NV | November 14, 2018

What an experience from start to finish! Dave was professional, prompt on all responses to my questions, and there were many! He was informative, was timely on all matters and explained everything in detail and never made me feel like I was imposing, he always welcomed my calls, texts or emails. The entire experience was A and I hope to do more business with him in the near future! Wait! His team was amazing! They were prompt, proficient, courteous and always helpful. Closed escrow in 30 days and I was an out of state buyer! Thank you Dave!

- Shawnee Perez
Las Vegas, NV | November 13, 2018

David and his team was recommended to me by a friend and I couldn’t be more happy with the experience and service they provided. David and Rhonda would also respond to any questions promptly and if there was ever an issue then it would be addressed without any worries. David was always available for any questions I had during the process which eased any concerns I had as a first time homeowner. He would also take the time to explain the process so I could understand it as well. I always felt he had my best interest in mind and you can’t really ask for anything more than that. I highly recommend David and his team. Whenever I purchase a new home, David will be the guy I call on to help me with the loan.

- Bryant Nguyen
Las Vegas, NE | November 12, 2018

Dave is the man! We worked with him to purchase our home in Vegas while we still lived in Hawaii. He made the process smooth and easy for us. He’s very straight forward and tells you exactly what needs to be done and how it’ll be done. And that We appreciate big time. He got things done in quick response while being flexible in unforeseen circumstance we fell into. Dave is highly recommended from our Ohana. Mahalo Dave

- Leihoku Tangaro
Las Vegas , NV | October 17, 2018

David and his team were wonderful to work with from start finish. We had a complex situation and he made the overall process very easy. I will definitely be recommending David to my friends/family for any lending needs they have!

- Samantha Lucas
Henderson, NV | October 12, 2018

Awesome team to work with! Thank You for a speedy and painless condo buying experience!

- James Leader
Las Vegas , NV | October 11, 2018

David was a referral to us from our real estate agent. He helped us through the entire homebuying process. It was our first home purchase he made it easy. Was always easy to reach, communicated really well and made the home buying process easy. He made great suggestions to fit our needs and helped us get into our home and found a grant that fit our budget!

- Ivan Kostenko
Las Vegas, NV | August 14, 2018

Dave was an absolute pleasure to work with. For someone like myself with little to no knowledge of the housing market and rates and loans. Dave was very helpful in laying it all out for me and my wife. He was available to via text and phone at all times. He also delivered on the date I asked for. The house was in escrow for 12 days and we closed that quickly as I wanted to get the home for our wedding anniversary. I would recommend Dave to anyone who is looking to get a home and looking to learn about the entire process till you get the keys.

- Arka Menon
Las Vegas, NV | June 28, 2018

My husband and I worked with David Ross and the Supreme Lending Team for the purchase of our home in Las Vegas. I was totally impressed with all aspects of the process as we worked with David's team. He is very knowledgeable and went above and beyond any lender we've worked with in the past with regard to the available mortgage options that would meet our needs. I highly recommend Supreme Lending and David Ross. Should we be in the market for a home mortgage again, we will definitely be back. Thank you for the outstanding customer service and professionalism during the process!

- Elizabeth Cox
Las Vegas, NV | May 01, 2018

I am quite satisfied with my rate lock during this volatile interest rate market. David Ross helped me tailor and secure a mortgage on my terms. He was very patient, knowledgeable and informative during the entire loan process.

- Sandy Lee
Las Vegas, NV | April 26, 2018

David has been my "go to" loan officer since I became a Realtor. Not only does he take care of me, but he is amazing with my clients. I have nothing but high remarks for David and I highly recommend!!

- Eddie Meese
Las Vegas , NV | April 12, 2018

This was the most seamless and professional experience we’ve ever had. David and his team are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Everything is completely upfront and explained well. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

- John S.
Las Vegas , NV | March 23, 2018

David Ross was very helpful with the purchase of our home. He was very good at explaining the process and helping us understand when we were confused. We highly recommend him!

- Lynn S.
Las Vegas, NV | March 27, 2018

David and his team did an excellent job and exceeded expectations to help my wife and I close on first home. We found David to be trustworthy, very knowledgeable and hardworking.

- Damon Riley
Henderson , NV | March 08, 2018

The David Ross team was very knowledgeable and responsive to our mortgage needs. With their assistance, we were able to acquire a re-castable mortgage which helped us in purchasing a home in Henderson Nevada while not yet having the proceeds from the sale of our home in Florida. Also, their ability to work closely with our real estate agent and their knowledge of the Las Vegas market was very important to us. We have been quite happy with their performance

- Dick Mann
Las Vegas, NV | March 06, 2018

I went to David Ross with a seemingly impossible request to purchase a home. My credit rating was not the best and David made our dream come true and we have purchased our house. David and the staff were great and very easy to work with. I would recommend David Ross and Supreme Lending to anyone trying to buy a house and don't worry about your situation, THEY CAN HELP! Thanks again to Supreme Lending...

- Bill Parker
Las Vegas , NV | March 06, 2018


- Gene Friedman
Henderson, NV | April 02, 2018

An amazing way to close and finish the job. If it were not for efficiency or dedication I would not own my own home. David choose to communicate with me throughout the process with an abundance of experience and patient enough to explain documents to the simplest detail. I’m glad was given the opportunity to work with him and Supreme Lending.

- Malik Duff
Las Vegas , NV | January 19, 2018

I met David back in 2009 and have been using him for my loans ever since, including a refinance that he and his team flawlessly executed for me just this past month. David is professional, cares about his clients and is very responsive. I have no doubt that the products he offers are the best on the market and at the best prices and rates. I highly encourage you to contact him to discuss your needs as well

- Chris Dilorenzo
Las Vegas , NV | November 05, 2017

Dave Ross and his team were exceptional. Considering that my wife and I have both done real estate in Las Vegas, we were still impressed. When I was a realtor I insisted on using Dave Ross whenever possible. I can certainly say that somehow he managed to step up his game and make the home buying process even easier. If you want someone to sit down and tell you what other mortgage lenders won't tell you then he is the guy to see. He will show you how to choose the best mortgage for you and disclose everything. He is the one you go to understand what it is that you are getting for your money. I rarely write a review but this is one of those times it's worth posting so people know where to go

- Dustin Hindmarch
Las Vegas , NV | November 02, 2017

Fantastic experience from beginning to end. David Ross and the team are consummate professionals.  We had zero issues and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to refi or buy a new home. Thanks, David!

- Jack Campbell
Henderson , NV | October 28, 2017

Overall David and his team were very professional and I would recommend them to anyone. As a first-time homebuyer, David was able to give me the attention to answer all of my questions (some of them multiple times) and to educate me on the lending process. David's team member, Ross, who I also worked with was very responsive, and also went above and beyond to make sure all of my questions were answered and business was handled in a timely manner.

- Blair Mosberg
Las Vegas , NV | August 20, 2017

It was a pleasure to work with David and his team. They help me understand a very confusing process and provided many options that were tailor to my needs. If I ever had a question or concern, I could call or text and get a quick response even when I would hope that they would be resting

- Julio Meza
Las Vegas , NV | August 19, 2017

I had the pleasure of working with David and his outstanding team during the purchase of a home this year. I wasn't quite prepared to purchase something that soon, as my financial affairs were not where I wanted them to be, but David was able to give great advice and work with my unique self-employed situation and "make magic happen", as I like to say. I cannot recommend his office enough. They worked hand in hand with my realtor every step of the way and the purchase and closing went off without a hitch

- Natalie Rasmussen
Henderson , NV | August 17, 2017

David was fantastic and he's part of a team that works closely and very well together. I was referred to him by my realtor and I'm so happy for the referral. He worked really hard to find me the best loan for my needs and he was always responsive when I left messages. I highly recommend working with David if you're looking for a mortgage broker.

- Rochelle Kiddo
Las Vegas , NV | August 17, 2017

David is a great, honest and dependable person who I am very happy to have had the pleasure to work with when I purchased my first home. David and his team made my house buying experience absolutely worry free, in every way. I very much look forward in working with him again when I am ready to purchase my next house.

- Ryan Lewellyn
Las Vegas , NV | August 17, 2017

David worked diligently up to the last possible second to make sure I would get a loan, that was not only the best for me but had the best rate! Not only did I feel like I could trust David but I felt like he looked out for me. He made my home lending experience personable and effortless. I would recommend him time and time again

- Nicoli Winders
Las Vegas , NV | August 17, 2017

Dave Ross is a pleasure to work with. His team is very professional and did a fantastic job on my loan. They were extremely informative and helped me understand the process every step of the way. If you are in need of a good mortgage broker, Dave and his team should be at the top of your list.

- Brian Robertson
Las Vegas , NV | August 16, 2017

My experience with Supreme Lending was outstanding. Pati Gracia was our mortgage broker and without her we would probably still live in NY instead of Henderson. She was easy to reach and always professional and she went way above and beyond any job description for your brokers.

- Scott Gips
Henderson, NV | August 24, 2016

David Ross and his team were extremely professional managing my loan. I was provided the most competitive rate of all the lenders I checked with saving me $50,000 over the life of the loan. Dave and his team were always on top of the situation helping to drive the loan to a faster closing than I imagined possible. I bought in California, and they managed remotely from Nevada better than their in state competition could in my own backyard - They won my business on this loan, and my future business.

- Mike & Ellen Weeda
Los Angeles, CA | May 01, 2012

I was asked to do my loan with David Ross at Supreme Lending as I entered into a contract and had a very limited amount of time to close and receive my tax credit. I followed my realtor's advice and I am glad I did. David and his team got my loan closed in 12 days. I had no idea a home could be closed this quickly. Obviously, I am thrilled I took my agents advice to work with Dave. Thanks again Dave

- Ed
Henderson , NV | May 02, 2011

I was glad I listened to my agent and got a quote for my loan from David. I found him to be trustworthy and hardworking. I just closed on my second investment property of the year, thanks to David

- Germaine Witt
Las Vegas , NV | March 02, 2011

Hi Dave, my wife and I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the hard work and effort you put towards helping us get our loan closed on our home. We have been busy with our remodeling and we were reminded that it would not have been possible without you. We hope your wife and son are doing great! Thanks again for everything

- Konstantin and Cassie
Henderson , NV | August 04, 2010

I was very nervous about purchasing my home as I was in contract on a "short-sale". After finally waiting three months, the bank accepted the terms and we were now able to move forward with the loan. David and Tammy did an excellent job and made financing process seem effortless. It took about three weeks to complete the transaction and everything went smooth and without any stress. Thank you Dave for making my first home buying experience pleasant, I will be sure to refer you to everyone in my union.

- Andrew Withers
Las Vegas , NV | February 05, 2008

I've known Dave for over 4 years and have closed many transactions with him as my lender. His loyalty and honesty keep me coming back.

- John Aiani
Las Vegas , NV | July 25, 2007

I have worked with David Ross over the past five years, during which time he has handled more than twenty transactions in a market that has experienced tremendous highs and lows. He has proven to be an invaluable asset to our investment company. I have had no hesitation in introducing first-time buyers or seasoned investors to David, and all have experienced the same level of highly personal and professional service, tailored to their individual needs. David will close on time, every time. If you are considering any real estate funding, I could not recommend anyone other than David Ross.

- Steve Mihill
Henderson, NV | May 09, 2006

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