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FHA Loan Benefits

FHA insured mortgages are some of the most popular types of mortgages available. Since FHA insured loans are backed by the government - Federal Housing Administration (FHA), they can help more people into the home buying market.  Check out the list below to understand some of the most basic benefits of an FHA mortgage.

Easier to Qualify for – Since the FHA guarantees the loan against default, lenders are more likely to give you the kind of loan that you need.

Low Down Payment – FHA insured mortgages only require a 3.5% down-payment which makes it easier for people to own homes. Additionally the 3.5% down payment can come in the form of gifts, unlike many other loan programs.

Lower Credit Borrowers Qualify – because FHA insured loans are backed by the government those with a poor credit history have an easier time getting this kind of loan.

Better Interest Rates – with the backing of the government these loans typically have a better interest rate than most traditional mortgage loans.

Better Home Stability – the FHA has programs designed to help homeowners keep their homes during hard times. The will work with you to help your home from falling into foreclosure. Always try to work out problems with your lender before the situation becomes dire.